Fishing is Actually Fun


Ever since I was little , I have never really liked going fishing because I never liked the smell of fish or fish in general. The best thing about going fishing though were the roadtrips on the way to the places that we will always go to fish such as Key West or Key Largo. Until Recently this week, March 4th, we went to go fishing in Tampa. There were lots of traffic which made us stressful but just listening to music and enjoying the car cruising was all good.

When we finally arrived at the destination at around 5:30 ,the view was spectacular. The sun was shining all nice and the sound of the waves hitting the poles under the bridge we were on was very devine; the best part of it was the chilly, breezy wind , it was so soothing to me.


I sat down normally like I would when we would go fishing to enjoy the view or just watch my parents fish. Sometimes they would offer to let me  fish but I never really enjoyed it. Things changed this day.

My dad had an extra pole and there was really nothing to do , so I asked my dad if he can put some bait to the hook of the rod (The hook was sharp) to throw it in the water. He did that and I got the fishing pole and threw it in the water.For a little while , there was only budging and my father then told me “When you feel like it’s (The fish) pulling you, Pull it!”

Then I felt a sudden strong like pull and I thought “Let me think  of this as tug of war” So I started turning the fishing reel and pulling. Eventually , The string became smaller and the fish finally showed up. It was a small fish !

I felt so happy and just the excitement and adrenaline rush when you’re using the fishing rod to catch the fish. I’d have to say this was a good positive day.  The best part of all that was the beautiful view of the sunset after and a big smile on my face showing off how happy I was going fishing!

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