The Day My Bunnies Formed a Fight Club

by Bea, period 6

If you came up to me last year and told me that I would be the proud owner of two bunnies and a billion fishes, I’d probably laugh. Haha. Haha. Haha. I mean, pets are expensive! Last year we were struggling with money and we still are. And if you say bunnies are low maintenance pets…BOYYYYY you’ve got it wrong. The cage and hutch alone is in the hundreds ballpark. But money isn’t the issue with my bunnies. The problem we have with the two cotton balls, is the fact that they want to tear each other into pieces. If you look at the picture ahead, it wouldn’t seem that way. But one day their little lovey dovey affair ended.  Maybe they found each other too adorable…or perhaps it’s because ‘puberty’ hit them.

bea bunnies

The day we realized this problem was your typical Floridian day. No dark and ominous clouds forming up ahead to foreshadow the dark events that would occur (try reading that in Patrick Warburton’s voice). Typically we let the bunnies inside the house to play, under supervision of course, for a few hours. For my two bunnies, the ‘field’ was my house’s carpeted floor (they pee in a litter) since my backyard was tiny and letting bunnies out your yard is actually pretty dangerous. So on that day we let out Comet, whom I wanted to name Lola for its light fur, and Orbit.

Whoosh! Whoosh! NOOO! Stop! Ma! Those were the ensuing sounds in my household as the bunnies started attacking each other. Now, picture two bunnies fighting each other. Then, if you’ve seen the latest Logan movie, replace the final fight with my two bunnies. Yeah…I never knew bunnies could be that vicious. Grey and tan clouds of fur flew up into the air.  The moment we saw the two fighting, my mom and I had two different reactions. I ran for my couch and pushed it against the corner of the room so that it would form a little play pen, or as I meant it, a divider. Meanwhile my mom had reached in between the fight in order to pick up one. Bunnies bite. Comet bit. My mom was bit. Thankfully, my bunnies were babies and their teeth weren’t as sharp. She managed to pick up one and place it in the makeshift pen, which stopped the fight.

We knew right then and there, that things would have to change. I guess in case of emergencies, my mind is able to come up with solutions in a beat. Since the two would have to stay in the hutch together, I suggested that my mom block the open doorway between the first floor and the second floor with a blanket so the two couldn’t get to each other. That was sufficient enough. We woke up to two perfectly calm bunnies on two different floors of their hutch. Their situation with playing in our house was solved by letting them in one at a time. I wish they didn’t want to kill each other anymore.


1 thought on “The Day My Bunnies Formed a Fight Club

  1. They look so cute and innocent, I would never be able to guess that they hate each other! Your quick thinking definitely helped the tense situation!

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