En Guard

by Elizabeth, period 1

We were exhausted, we were all sweaty and had our make up dripping down the sides of our faces, we had just completed our first performance with our new outfits at competition. Our instructors had just told us what they thought about how we did, they were pleased and so were we. We were told to meet up to help another Guard with their floor (it is what they perform on for all that don’t know) which meant, eating would have to wait. I love our outfits, but I was thrilled to take them off and wear our band shirts and leggings, way more comfortable than the outfits with the body tights underneath.

I grabbed my bag making my way towards the lockers, there were a couple of other girls from our guard that did the same, but then Carl, our captain, yelled out about wanting everyone to take a picture in our outfits. I won’t get into detail about Starburst making a fit about being tired and not wanting to get into the pictures, we tried to convince her, but she ended up heading towards the lockers ignoring us. At the time everyone else was happy, so were weren’t going to let her negativity bring us down. Honestly, that was a great day, I love watching other performances and it is so nice when other guards tell us that they loved our show, we are a small guard, but we are dedicated.


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