Students in Lee Ann Spillane‘s tenth grade English class are participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers. Get a second “slice” by visiting Two Writing Teachers and clicking on the Classroom Slice of Life logo.

by Keandra, period 4

Birthday parties in my family weren’t considered a big deal. My parents limited my amount of friends that I could invite over starting from the age of 10. Each birthday that came and passed seemed to have to significance at all, until the year I turned 15.

September 25, 2016 was one of the greatest birthday’s I’d had in a long time. Technically my birthday was on the 20th but that was a school day. No one has a party on a school day So my parents and I decided to postpone it until the weekend. My mom informed me that I could invite my friends over to Cici’s (“Just remind them that I’m not buying”, she’d yell out to me later as an afterthought) and later, we’d go to my house. I invited my friends Anthony and Gabbie over and was excited for the neerup, except the fact that I’d have to clean my room and look presentable.

Once we’d eaten our fill at Cici’s, my mother drove us all back home to hang out together. We all went into my room to talk and joke around. Somehow Gabbie and I had managed to convince Anthony to let us do his hair. It turned out to be a disaster but he didn’t complain. To make things even funnier, he decided to continuously talk in a horrible French accent; the only words he knew were ‘oui’ and ‘non’.


In order to get back at us for the embarrassing hairstyle Anthony suggested that Gabbie and I take unaesthetic ‘edgy’ pictures. We got ready for the photo shoot; random flowers, weird facial expressions, and a black and filter helped to make the pictures look even worse than they should have. Even though we managed to make fools of ourselves repeatedly throughout the day, I can’t help but to smile every time I remember this day: my greatest birthday in a long time.


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