by Sanjay, period 6

Do you ever have one of those days that are special for no reason whatsoever? Well for me, those are the best; when you don’t expect something but something great happens anyways.

So one random Saturday, my family and I decided to spend a day out and have some fun. Among the Disney parks, EPCOT is my favorite because there are tons of things to do from walking all around the world to taking a ride in a race car to going inside the iconic EPCOT ball. It’s impossible to cover the whole park in one day.


To me the China section is the most interesting. There’s something about the culture and architecture in this region that is so appealing. Up until that day I’ve never explored this section beyond what I could see on the outside so I decided to take a closer look. I’m really glad that I did because it was spectacular. I entered this temple pagoda building and the inside was simply beautiful. A flurry of colors, patterns, shapes bombarded me at once and I was lost for a second. I stopped for a moment and looked around, trying to take everything in.


It might not seem like such a special moment to anyone else but it was to me. It made me think that some people aren’t fortunate enough to experience what I can, to do the things that I can. Just sort of a reminder of how fortunate I am and not to take anything for granted, even the simple things.

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