by Nicole, period 6



Hey y’all, it’s Nick. I’ll be talking about this picture, where I altar served for the first time. So, I lector at my parish, Holy Cross, almost every Wednesday because I think I’m one of the few responsible ones in Peer Ministry. But that’s beside the point. I assumed that I was going to have to cover for one of my friends when I realized that she actually showed up! As surprised as I was that she showed up, I wanted to do something because I like participating in the mass. So, I asked one of my friends, Gennifer, who’s an altar server, if she could teach me how to altar serve. Believe it or not, my partner actually asked Gennifer if she could learn how to alter serve as well.

So, lucky me, Gennifer takes us up at the front of the church and teaches us all we needed to do for that mass. Granted, we had ten minutes before mass started. So, we got dressed and go our candles to prepare for the mass. I was extremely anxious, as always, but we performed our jobs dutifully and almost flawlessly. It was one of the best days of my life and I continue to altar serve to this day.


2 thoughts on “Serving

  1. Hey y’all! That’s so cool how brave you were to try something new with something you love so passionately. Love that spirit 🙂

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