Lotus Temple


by Manna, period 3

The sun beats down on us. This 105 degree weather feels like I just walked right into a volcano. I take steps on the hot brick walkway, surrounded by a mass of Indian people. Though the heat proves itself to be insufferable, we all forget about it as we fix our gaze upon the intricate marble structure looming over us in pure beauty. The shockingly white marble stands out against the vibrant green grass, making itself more and more profound.

“Manna, take a picture of this. Take it okay?” my dad commands as he takes quick steps to the temple to escape the overwhelming dry heat in his blue and white striped long sleeve shirt.

I pass the lush green trees and strikingly beautiful flowers that captures the attention every passerby. I look around me to the multitude of people, the tourists seems so annoyed by the heat but also in awe of the Lotus Temple while the Indian natives just walk as if it’s another regular day. I finally go up the stairs, pushed by sweaty people, and look at the flower shaped shining marble right in front of us. I walk into one of  two lines, taking off my shoes like everyone else, and waiting for instructions of what to do when we get inside.

“Hello everyone. We welcome you to the Lotus Temple, a place where we accept all religions and all peoples for a time of prayer and meditation,” a short lady with chocolate mocha skin calmly says to the two lines. She goes on and on about the history of the temple and how silence is required inside of the temple and that meditation is recommended. She finally allows us to walk inside and I let the coolness of the marble envelope me.

In pure silence I stand, afraid my steps would make too much noise that would disturb the meditating people here. The pews made of beautiful wood seats many hunched over people. My dad takes thundering steps to the other exit, wanting to get out of the deafening silence. I stay, slowly walking out, mostly because the heat outside is unbearable for me, truly a sharp contrast to the coolness of the temple.

I take one last look up at the temple and in all it’s beauty, never forgetting this moment where I saw one of the most beautiful temples in the world.


2 thoughts on “Lotus Temple

  1. Is it a real story or made up? Either way that was an amazing story! This was not meant to be mean so please don’t take it the wrong way, I’m just wondering.

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