Ice Skating


Students in Lee Ann Spillane‘s tenth grade English class are participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers. Get a second “slice” by visiting Two Writing Teachers and clicking on the Classroom Slice of Life logo. 

by Anh, period 1

  It was the beginning of a new 2017 year, and what better way to start off the year with some ice skating with friends. I thought that it was a great opportunity to relieve stress, by putting aside conversations that really triggered a great deal of anxiety like an upcoming Chem test, etc.

The night of ice skating started off by unexpectedly waiting in a long line to pay the ticket. I started to become uneasy because most of my friends had already paid and were in the rink already, which made me feel like I was already missing out on all the fun. I then skimmed the mass groups of people hoping to discover a familiar face, until I saw Sandy walk up behind me. Thank God. After discussing our Mutual excitement to what the next hour would be, before we knew it, we had already paid and was in the place.

  We split up and I was so exuberant once I saw a bunch of familiar faces. As I scanned the room, the environment of the place just seemed so enjoyable, from the strobe lights that featured a plethora of colors, to the top hits that were playing. I went up to go ask for my skates and asked for a size 7. I failed to realize that they were too big for me.

I then went back and asked for a size 6, but this time, although it was cutting off circulation to my feet, I didn’t want to go through all that trouble again, dragging my friends with me. It was so kind of them to sacrifice their time to help flash lights on my skates, to assist on tying my skates, and to wait for me, despite the disarray and shouting over all the blasting

We all finally got on the ice, and it was much harder than we thought. We held hands but that wasn’t enough to keep us from falling. Once one person fell, the rest fell too. We mainly tightly gripped the railings on the wall to prevent anymore embarrassing mishaps. Without a doubt, we were all able to bond a lot more than we ever had and it was definitely a night to remember and cherish.



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