by Sania, period 3

        I’ve always had really boring birthdays since my birthday is on Christmas and everything is closed but I have to say this was one birthday that I’ll never forget. It all started when we opened our presents at 7 in the morning. I got a new phone and a TV for my room which might I say were the best gifts I’ve ever received. My dad had gotten my cousin and I two tickets to Disney and two annual passes for Universal. We both hadn’t been to Disney in about 6 years so we decided to go there first. We were ecstatic.

        We got dropped off at Disney’s Magic Kingdom by my mom and we got our bags checked. Next was the tickets. We gave our tickets to the lady and we weren’t able to get inside. On the tickets, it said it was only for Disney Quest. We got really upset and had to wait for my mom to pick us back up from Disney again.

         When we got picked up from Disney, we realized we still had our Universal passes. We didn’t want to let my birthday go to waste so we headed straight to Universal. We stayed at Universal from 1-8 and it was the most fun I’d had in ages.

        My cousin and I headed home after hours of fun and came home to freshly made Domino’s pizza. We went upstairs and curled up in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy on my new T.V while eating our pizza. I can honestly say that was the best birthday I could’ve ever had. My 16th birthday was a memorable one.

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