Students in Lee Ann Spillane‘s tenth grade English class are participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers. Get a second “slice” by visiting Two Writing Teachers and clicking on the Classroom Slice of Life logo. 

by Asma, period 3

Have you ever had days that seem to blur together? Entire weeks will go by as cycles of tasks, all part of a continuous routine. It’s odd. My routine tends to be wake up, regret it, deal with the anxiety that is chemistry, pretend I know how to read sheet music, go to english (which has its own set of routines as well), attempt math, and again in World History, lunch, look up pictures of dogs in computer, and then spanish. Afterwards I either stay at school for clubs or go home to do a lighter version of what did at school, and then spend the rest of my free time until it’s time to do the whole thing again. Most kids’ weekdays go by like some variation of this. It’s mundane, but also gives a sense of order in life.

Ironically, despite the overall muddiness of doing the same thing over and over again I’ve realized that we’re all lost without a routine. One school day with an altered schedule and no one has any idea what to do. We all fall into chaos. Like yesterday when the schedule was altered for SATS and we didn’t have a bell. Everyone was on edge waiting for the signal for the end of class.

1 thought on “Routine

  1. I love this because it really relates to me and to many others on how our schedules can be chaotic and continue on like a daily cycle. Although it can be stressful, like you said, It’s really a guide to help assist us on the right path, and without it, we would be lost.
    -Anh B

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