by Ivanna, period 1

I’d be lying if I said I wanted a quinceañero when I turned fifteen. I just never understood the point of it. It always seemed like a waste of money and time for me. Who wants to be sweaty in a floofy dress all night, greeting family members you didn’t even knew existed, and being constantly teased by your cousins or friends about your “date”? Though, I can’t say what made me have a change of heart, but I decided to throw one.

And not gonna lie…It was actually really fun.

A big reason I didn’t want a quinceañero was because almost my whole family lives in Puerto Rico, while my friends lived here with me. My mom made it work out somehow, though. We threw the party in Orlando, where my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends celebrated with me. I danced.

No, like, I danced. So much.

I think at some point I took all of my friends and maybe kindly forced them to join me. We all partied until late at night. I think I understood why girls my age wanted to throw this kind of party. It didn’t have to do with your “coming-of-age” or a date or anything like that. But rather, the feeling of love and sharing of happiness between family and close friends. My fifteenth birthday made me learn that lesson. So, needless to say, I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy my quinceañero.


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3 thoughts on “Quinceañero

  1. Although i’m not a female,and not 15,I was like that too.I used to hate to do things like party’s and going places like dances and things like that.But,I’m not going to lie ether,I was forced to go to an event for band,and it was actually very fun,and I enjoyed it a lot.But,I still am still stubborn about going to dances and stuff,but in all reality,I would have a lot of fun at one.Also,good post,The content was many.(:

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