Final Performance


by Sarah, period 3

The day was November 5, 2016. Marching Band MPA. The Cypress Creek High School band was ready to put on our last performance of our 2016 show Arachnid. It was a day full of smiles, tears, and absolute electricity racing through the band. You could feel the energy as we marched on field with the seniors for their final run. Smiles from our directors and staff as they proudly joined us and gassed us up as we were taking our places on field. Band-o-grams flooded the stadium from supporters making us smile and giggle. Family, friends, and alumni hootin’ n hollerin’ (as our director would say) from the stands to see us make a simple idea come to life on field. Every single member poured out their hearts and souls into that performance to make it the best run we had all season.

After our performance, we left the field and circled up. Once everyone was there we took off our shakos and all the seniors were in tears. It was their final performance and it was definitely one for the books.

Our band director asked us the simple question we hear after every run, “How do you guys feel?”

“WOOOOOOO!!!!” from every member, even our staff!

After our circle up we all hugged each other and that’s when we noticed who was waiting for us. Our cheerleading team and football coaches!! They came to support us and thank us for supplying them with enthusiasm and music during friday night football games. Support like this from our community is what the foundation of our band is based off of and this is a day we’ll never forget.


Students in Lee Ann Spillane‘s tenth grade English class are participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers. Get a second “slice” by visiting Two Writing Teachers and clicking on the Classroom Slice of Life logo. 

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