Orchestrated Moment

by Enrique, period 7

We all ran back into the room, exhausted. We had felt a sense of relief and a need to leave the premises We were just tired of being at school. We all dealt with a full day of education with all of its disappointments, tests, new assignments, and close calls with homework checking. Yet, we stayed.

We practiced. We bonded. We learned.

We had an opportunity to form a bond with each other the way that we had not been able to do for the year. We hurriedly ran to everyone we knew and gave praise, cheered, and congratulated them on a wonderful performance. Well… according to the audience it was. They gave us a standing ovation of roaring applause. It was exhilarating. Everything from the tension as we held our instruments, prepared to perform, to the resolution of the last note, it was absolutely wonderful. We were tired, but content. We did well. Surprise, surprise.

“HOLD UP HOLD UP LET’S TAKE A PICTURE!” I shouted. “Everyone gather around.” I turned to someone from the orchestra below us.

“Hey, could you possibly maybe kinda sorta take a picture of us?” I asked.

“Yeah of course,” she responded. I was relieved I didn’t have to go around asking more people. My feet hurt.

“Okay the-C’MON GUYS TEN SECONDS FOR A PHOTO!” I shouted. We bunched together.

Hanna dictated to the open, “Y’all better get this picture done because I’m tryna go home. I got homework to do.”

“Hanna. Be quiet,” Isaac dissed her. “Okay, take the photo whenever you’re ready,” I told the photographer.

“HOLD ON WHERE’S GILLAM?!” Savannah shouted. “Oh my goodness it’s just a-GILLAM GILLAM GILLAM COME GET IN THE PICTURE!” I declared in my usual exorbitantly boisterous fashion.

“Oh my goodness. Why are you in such a rush to get me there, Enrique? I’ll get there. See? I’m already here.” He nonchalantly responded while walking into the corner of the shot.

“Okay,” the photographer called our attention. “I’m going to take a few pictures. 1-2-3,” she counted. I smiled with everyone else.enrique-orchestra

3 thoughts on “Orchestrated Moment

  1. I really liked the beginning because it was very relatable, from being stressed all day, and then becoming stress again when there was a concert the same day. I liked the dialogue part as well when you rushed to gather everyone, including Mr.Gilliam, in the picture for isp. This was again, relatable, because everytime i go to some sort of event, i always get anxious trying to get everyone in the picture for isp, because some people might not make it in the picture.
    -Anh B

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