My Favorite Word by Nikki Grimes

I wonder what your favorite words would be? If you have not read Nikki Grimes, don’t miss Bronx Masquerade: multi-genre, many perspectives, a great story and lots of great poetry.

Nerdy Book Club

At a recent school visit, a student posed a wonderful question during Q & A.  “What is your favorite word?” he asked me.  Caught off guard, I said the first thing that popped into my head.  “Dream,” I told him, “because it opens up endless possibilities.”  It wasn’t a bad answer, but it wasn’t the only one I could have come up with.  If I’d considered it a little longer, I might have said, “Hope.”

Hope is the how of surviving my childhood, and the why of the stories I tell.  I can’t imagine a world without it.

There’s a lot about children’s literature that appeals to me: whimsy, flights of fancy, purity of heart among them.  But the single most important element in children’s literature to me is the element of hope.

When I speak of my childhood, one marred by episodes of abandonment and abuse, I often say…

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