Hunters Creek Tryouts

Five months flew by really quick. I’ve always been waiting for this moment to tryout again for hunters creek ever since my 3 month hamstring injury that I’ve suffered on the same day last year because of one harsh slide tackle. Soccer has been a really important piece in my life because it brings me joy and its like a distraction away from IB or when I’m really stressed. And now i came back to the original spot where i was injured and came back strong and healthy and ready to play. It’s  not going to be easy because I know there will lots of kids that’ll be bigger than me but I have to try.

Tryouts started Monday which was yesterday, when i came onto the field it felt so great: I ran into some friends along the way that goes to Freedom and we were practicing our touches and passes. It was quite fun meeting some long time friends at tryouts because I live really far in the area and barely have time to play or hang with my boys but it’s okay. I hoped that I’ll make it to play along with my brothers on the field. We also got some shots in too but I felt I was very rusty because half my shots i blast it out and then I  ended up having to get it. Then when the time came at 7:00 we were gonna start stretches and etc… but then Florida’s bipolar side decided to came out and there was lightning everywhere like every minute there was lightning and the thunder was so loud and strong that I thought the ground was shaking and the rain was pouring on me so hard and when I went home and changed all you saw from my shirt was just pure dark water.

Today was day two of the tryouts it was a Wednesday which I came from school at 1:30, I went home and sleep so I could be ready for tryouts later. When i woke up i made an egg sandwich to get my protein and carbs and i also ate a banana too. I went to vista 2 at 6 so I can practice a little before the tryouts at 7 and it was so much fun. I crossed two guys at once (ironically) because some how I didn’t know that there were two guys chasing after me because i was straight up attacking and when i just did a side step and then stopped both slide tackle and missed. And then i made this awesome goal but sadly it wasn’t the scrimmage game it was just a mess around game. And then when 7 hits we got our stretches in and our 2 laps around the field 2 by 2 and then we were about to actually start a scrimmage but unfortunately lightning strikes again but this time with a twist there was hail now.

Sadly to disappoint that these past 2 days were a huge waste but we still have tomorrow and Friday to go and it says on the weather channel that tomorrow it won’t be raining as well as on Friday too it’ll be all clear, and hopefully I’ll make the team 🙂


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