Ending of a Chapter

This year flew by! I’ve always heard that high school flies by but I never really believed that until this year. It’s crazy to think that we become juniors and enter the ‘real’ IB program. It’s like we ‘made it’. Pre- IB was such a process. From learning how to manage time, to procrastinating, to trying to be well rounded. It has honestly been a struggle. However, this program has taught me so much about myself and pushed me to do things I wouldn’t have otherwise. This year, for example, getting ISP points was something that pushed me to be more adventurous in a sense and to attend a lot more events than I would’ve otherwise. I’ve also grown closer to so many more people than I thought. IB really is a big family. We fight sometimes but at the end of the day we all have each other’s back, and If i’m ever in need of advice or someone else who knows exactly what i’m going through I never have to look that far. I have decided to continue with the IB program but for some of my friends that aren’t just know I’m going to miss stressing out with you 🙂 – Angelina Hamid



1 thought on “Ending of a Chapter

  1. That is exactly how I fell about a special program at my school called AVID,Sometimes it stresses me out,but I like it and it helps me out at in the long run.The feelings the same.

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