Crazy experiences

Although this story might not be completely up to date,  i have actually learned a valuable lesson. It was around the summer of 2011 and i just remember being really bored and lost in thought. I don’t quite remember the specific details but during this summer vacation i got an actual bead stuck in my ear. Yes, a bead. The kind of bead that you make bracelets with.

So basically my sister got a jewelry making set from my dad for her birthday and my sister and i would always make many different styles and designs of jewelry. So basically one day my sister and i were making some bracelets and somehow i end up getting the bead stuck in my ear. Trust me, it is much scarier when it happens to you. I honestly did not know what to do. After about a million failed attempts to take the bead out myself, i had no other choice but to tell my mother. And if you couldn’t already guess, she was furious at my stupidity.

After my mom tried and failed at getting the bead out, we ended up visiting the hospital. The hospital staff was not amused. They failed too. After causing the bead to get more stuck of course. Disappointed, we went home. After a couple hours my mom decided to take me to children’s hospital in hopes that they might be able to do something.

After an hour or two, the bead was out! And i learned the valuable lesson of not putting beads in my ear.

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