Pancake Failures on Mothers Day

I woke up around 9:30am and realized it was May 8th, Mother’s Day. I still had no clue on what to do for my mom, so texted some friends for some last minute ideas. But none of them replied.

Trying to be as quiet as possible while looking through the pantry to see if I can find the pancake mix and lucky me I found a box that was more than halfway empty. Perfect! Just enough to make one more batch of pancakes. Turned the box to the backside to see the ingredients I needed and began to take them out. Read the instructions and placed a pan on the stove to get warm.

As the pan got warm, I poured a little bit of the mixture into the pan. Waiting for the pancake to bubble and realized the pancake wasn’t turning out like a pancake more like a flop. So I cleaned the pan to start over and then I repeated the same routines so did before. Then I notice after the second failure that I forgot to spray the non-stick oil into the pan before pouring the mixture.

Spraying the non-stick oil onto the pan, then poured the mixture and I finally got the results I wanted and finished all the pancakes and then looked at the clock and it read 11:59am. I can’t believe it took me more than two hours to make a fool of myself. I decorated the pancakes with blueberries and made a heart shape and served them to my mom with some mango juice. My mom ended up telling me that she heard me making chaotic noises in the kitchen while I was making the pancakes and I laughed because I am such a failure but as long as she liked the pancakes was all that mattered to me.

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