I’m Not a Nerd I Swear

Oh god, I was supposed to blog yesterday, but I forgot and then I got caught up at a wedding. Please don’t kill me. I’m not entirely sure what I want to right so I’ll tell you guys about one of my nerdiest interests: Fountain pens.

You may ask “Why would you use such outdated and old timey pens when we have the magic of modern ballpoint pens?” The answer to your metaphorical question is why not? Fountain pens outshine ballpoint pens in almost every way. All it takes is a little tender love and care and you can have a pen that writes more smoothly and consistently than any ballpoint pen could even dream of doing.                                     

They also look amazing. Look at those pens and tell me it doesn’t look fancy as heck, The moment you pull that bad boy out every girl in a ten mile radius is going to be running towards the sharp and sophisticated man using such elegant pens. All joking aside, fountain pens do make for some pretty snazzy and functional accessories for all of you aspiring fashionistas.

You can also make your handwriting beautiful with a bit of practice and the right (or should I say write haha) nib. Practicing with italic or flex nibs can make your handwriting go from looking like it was written by an inebriated, epileptic monkey to making you look like a professional calligrapher to all of your friends and family. Even with a normal fountain pen your handwriting improves because there is less strain on your hands and the way you have to hold the pen forces you to write better. Nobody will be able to resist your seductively beautiful handwriting.

Diagram showing how a fountain pen feed works with ink flowing down three small channels and air flowing up above it.

Most importantly, fountain pens write REALLY smoothly. The secret to their buttery smooth writing comes from the way in which the ink leaves the pen. Fountain pens operate on a principle called capillary action. Capillary action is the tendency for liquids to travel down narrow tubes. The ink flow down then feed into the nib, but can’t leave the nib because there is nothing to take it’s place. Air must be exchanged with ink in order for it to leave. When the pen is dragged across the paper the ink leaves the pen and a minuscule amount of air is drawn up into the pen to replace the ink. Gravity is also pulling the ink out of the pen which means that no pressure is required to write with a fountain pen.

So now that you’ve read my whole spiel on fountain pens I hope you want to get one because they are the bomb.com. If that’s not enough for you I’ll leave you with a picture of the cutest pen out there, the Pilot Kakuno. Doesn’t that smiley nib just make you feel all happy inside?