5 Things Being an IB Student Taught Me


Not everyone is perfect, i know i’m not, so it isn’t shocking to find ourselves in situations that we should’ve known better than to be in. Admit it, we’ve all found ourselves there. So i’ve compiled a list of some simple things that IB has taught me that i felt i should pass on to your all.

  • You’re not going to have straight A’s, and that’s okay.

      There are some people who can make straight A’s left and right by doing nothing at all. There are people who struggle to understand the most basic material or pass the easiest test. There are those in between. Life is a series of ups and downs, and as long as you’re doing your best, then isn’t that what really matters? (try telling that to my parents, but we won’t talk about that.) You are more than the letters on your report card and you are more than a test average. Don’t live your life trying to seek validation from these things.

  • Leaving things to the day of is going to make you rip your hair out.

      I was the girl who left things to the period before. I was the girl who did it as the teacher goes around checking for it. I was the girl who did it during class and said that i was looking for it the whole time. Freshman and sophomore year was a rude awakening. IB is all about time management and organization. You need balance. If you wait until the last minute, your teachers will know and your grades will reflect it.

  • Don’t say you’ll wake up early to finish something.

      You will lie and lie to yourself again. If you’re telling yourself that you’ll wake up early means that you’ve already lost the battle. As stated above, IB is all about time management and organization. Manage your time wisely. If you find yourself with not enough hours in the day to finish your reading journal, lab report, study for that AP world mcq and essay, and rushing to do your Pre calc homework, ask yourself, was playing mario kart and going to Mcdonald’s with your friends really worth it? Can it wait? The answer is yes, it can.

  • Actually sleep.

      I go to bed at 730-940 depending on if i have a busy day or not. Some people go to bed at 10. Under no circumstances should you make a habit of nor should you ever stay up past 11 doing school work. In order to be successful in life and in school, you need to recharge the batteries. Pulling all nighters does not increase your test scores, contrary to popular belief, nor does it make you a favorable person when the first bell rings. You need sleep so you can undergo those physiological processes, and you can’t do that if you’re staring at a test book or computer screen in the wee hours of the day. I have a saying, and that’s “if the sun is asleep, so am i”.

  • Be social.

      Just because you’re in IB does not mean that you aren’t still in highschool and that you’re not still a teenager. IB doesn’t have to make you antisocial. Try out for sports, join a club, pick a funky elective with your friends. These are supposed to be the best years of your life, you shouldn’t remember high school as being surrounded by your familiar four walls and a textbook. Spend time with friends, go to a party, go to regionals with your sports team, walk your dog-the possibilities are endless. Just be sure to have all your homework done.


      That’s all for this blog. I hope that these five things helped you like it helped me and i hope that you can apply these to your life in a way that makes you better. There are more things but i didn’t have 10 good, appropriate messages but i had more than 5 and 7 is a weird number so i cut it off. There’s things like eat healthy, make good friends who remind you of homework, don’t copy- the whole 9 yards. But remember, IB shouldn’t be a sacrifice of school or social. If you have anything else that IB taught you, write your own blog and share that information with someone else. You never know, you just might save an academic life.


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