IB exposed

I’m gonna be 1000% honest here, I forgot to do this yesterday so I’m gonna make up for it by doing it today. Anyways, hello.

IB is a rigorous program filled with sleepless hours, a lot of homework and in the program you build strong relationships with others. The fact is, while this is true it’s only the surface because IB has its flaws.

There are certain people in IB that consider themselves above regular kids which is false. The main reason you’re in this program is because you applied in time, good job. Grades do not measure intelligence and there’s also that. Some people believe that and that is utterly false. Just because you have better grades than someone does not mean you’re smarter. It means you try harder. The above statements leads into this, some of the IB population tends to be arrogant and need to learn when to get off their high horse. I have witnessed disrespect from students towards teachers because that student had hubris. Humble yourself, thank you.

There are people who don’t try, and if they do their full effort is not put out there resulting in procrastinating and academic dishonesty. I’m not gonna name anyone specific because I’m real but not every student is a model student. That’s just how some people work and they’re not looking to change their methods.

IB does result in a lot of sleep deprivation, that stereotype is true. But the belief that IB kids are always at home studying or doing work is false. We all have social lives and other interests besides academics.

Anyways, I think I did what I was supposed to do yesterday, sorry that it’s late. Adios

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