(I meant to blog this week, but I kept putting it off later and later, and now I’ve missed basically all of break.)

Recently I’ve gotten into Naruto, and while its story is strange and childish at times, it also has some really great plot moments. The story overall is great, and the characters are even better. However, one plot point stood out to me, especially this spring break.

Near the end of Naruto (which is where I started getting into the series, because I’m good at following plots like that) the main antagonists of the story put the entire world into a state called the Infinite Tsukuyomi. In this state, everyone in the world is more or less put into an endless dream, in which they will be forever happy. (In the world of Naruto, basically everyone has a traumatic and depressing back story, so happiness is something pretty far off from reality in their lives.) Though this is everntually undone by the protagonists, its a rather interesting concept. The antagonists who put everyone under this spell truly wanted to change the world for the better. They were clearly evil, killing countless people, but they did so under the presumption that it didn’t matter, as everyone would be forever happy once their plans were completed. Sounds pretty evil all the same, right?

The funny thing is that people are split over whether or not the “bad guys” were right in their decisions or not. And actually its a hard one to debate. Infinite happiness or no? Even if the happiness is fake, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was. You’d live your life according to how you would want it to go, and while some bad things would obviously happen, you’d be happy. How would that be wrong? We already strive for that in our everyday lives, ignoring the bad things in life so we can appreciate the good. Why not just take out the bad entirely?

Recently I had a dream that hurt to wake up from. I’ve had one or two of those in the past year, but this one was very real. I actually thought it was the life I lived for a bit. Then of course, I woke up, and everything shifted back to the way it truly was. Its kinda funny how badly that affected me, though its probably just teenager emotions and stuff like that. Either way, how far would I go to be happy again? Though something inside me revolts against the idea of gaining happiness in such a cheap way, I already answered myself as to whether or not I would accept something like that. Happiness is what we all  strive for after all. And though, while in control of my emotions, I’m fine with the world, its not always that way. Life isn’t a story, there are no happy endings. You just work with what you get. And you try to ignore what could have been.


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