What If…?


Nowadays we tend to stay inside so often that we miss out on all that the world has to offer. Those four walls of our rooms is all we know. It feels safe, secure, comforting. The light of the computer screen becomes our sunshine and the ceiling up ahead our sky. Accumulated thoughts and erased discipline choking us day by day. Deteriorating bodies and fading minds all around. But what if we took a step outside?

What if we learned to smile at the stars and appreciate the moonlight? What if instead of just clicking an arrow to move forward in a game we ran through the streets mindlessly? What if instead of using our headphones as an escape from the world, we immerse in what the world has given us and enjoy the song of the birds? What if we took a step outside?

Life comes with a clock, you’ll never know when it will stop ticking. Take advantage of what is around you and appreciate the world’s expensive beauty for free. Go for a run or even a walk. Taking this time off to yourself makes all the difference, as you detach from all that stress and clear your mind.

As I went for a run today I realized how grateful I was for that present moment. All my focus was on my pace and my breathing. Everything else was off my mind. Knowing that I was pushing myself and doing something that was benefiting me multiplied the satisfaction. Perhaps you don’t find running enjoyable and maybe taking a walk or playing in the court with a couple friends sounds more appealing. However, it’s all about staying active, maintaining a discipline, and going beyond the limits.  technology_is_consuming_us_by_saiya_story-d4qzd58

Do something that makes you passionate, even if it means reaching out of that safe and secure zone.  Absorb your surroundings and don’t settle for four walls, a computer screen, and artificial lighting. There is a world out there. Step outside.

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