Spring Break

So I missed another two days of the blog posts, but there’s really nothing to blog about. I never got blogs to begin with, but now that I kinda have to, its worse.

Anyway, Spring Break started (obviously), and its been really relaxing so far. There’s no urgency or feel or a need to do anything, and so far it seems like the days last a very long time. Its weird to see how much school really takes out of you, and how much we should value our free time. It’ll only get worse as we get older, and we should enjoy the time we have.

Its weird to wonder how we will look back on this time in our lives. We remember very little, often only impressions of good or bad. It’s a little sad, before we know it we’ll be all grown up, with all the problems and responsibilities of the real world. But until then I can go ahead and play a full 12 hours of League.

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