Rush, Eve Silver


They’re poison.

All your life, you’ve been told to not judge a book by its cover. I actually think that’s pretty solid advice, and I find myself glad I listened to it, because I wouldn’t have found the Rush triology otherwise. In order, the books go “Rush,” “Push,” and “Crash.” It’s sci-fi alright, but with an extra twist: barely anyone on the Earth knows they’ve been invaded, and there are even fewer that can actually do something about it. And it’s not one alien species invading Earth, it’s two. Though one claims to be trying to defend the Earth from the other species, but who knows if that’s true? It’s teenagers that hold the power here: their brains are the only ones that are able to adapt quickly enough to battle- and war-scenarios. And that is exactly where Miki Jones finds herself after she saves a little girl from being run over by a car.

She finds herself smack in the middle of a mission in California–almost the exact opposite of where she lives. Things are spiraling out of control, a beautiful team-captain with grey eyes hidden behind aviator glasses at the center of it all. And if there’s one thing Miki Jones cannot handle anymore, it’s lack of control.

The series itself is amazing, and a complete worthwhile read. There’s no slowing of pace between the books, jumping into one amazing action scene to the other. The ending, though readers were given every indication of what would happen, came out of nowhere and slapped me across the face, a good three firm slaps. I didn’t expect it, but when I thought about it, it was glaringly obvious. I would recommend the Rush triology anyone willing to try out something new, and I would recommend it even if they didn’t want something new.



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