So recently on League of Legends (there’s a trend starting to form with this) there has been a recent addition of “Hextech Crafting”.Basically, this is a “random pack”  sort of thing, where you spend credits and such to get random stuff. Many, many games utilize such a system, and I have to say, there is something appealing about pure luck.

I’ve always been really bad at card games such as Poker or 21, mainly because the cards I got were always garbage and I never knew how to work with that. My brother, by contrast, always seemed to get the best cards, to the point where it became a running gag with my family. How does luck get to this point though? (It’s past midnight and I’m tired, most my posts will be around this time so they won’t make sense at all)

What is luck? Everything in the world will happen in exactly one way, there is no “maybe it could have happened like this”. It’s all random chance. So why do we believe so strongly in luck? For the longest time, I used to believe that anything I thought would happen wouldn’t, and vice versa. It got to the point where I would train my brain NOT to think of certain outcomes, just so luck might allow those outcomes to come true. As dumb as that sounds, it seemed to work for me fine. (It also probably laid the foundations for the realization that almost everything in life is random and thus trying to learn 20 chapters for a 50 question chance was utterly pointless.) Is there a reason that things happen the way they do? Or do  we simply look for patterns that aren’t there? We’ll never find out I guess. (And I need to go to sleep.)

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