This quarter it looks like I’m going to be ending with 6 Bs and 1 A. That’s really bad for an Asian (and an IB student in general). This entire year has gone rather bad, I will only be able to end the year with 4 As  IF I put a ton of effort in. And knowing me, that’s not likely. There’s a ton of excuses I could use but the bottom line is that I got the grades I deserved.

The surprising thing is, I’m actually beginning to care. (Partially why I wanted to get this post out of the way.) Its gotten to the point where it’s going to have a clear effect on my future (whatever that is), and to be honest that’s kinda scary. We live in a world where we are judged on those letters on that slip of paper that is our report card, and I’ve always been a very competitive person.

Then again I haven’t done the past week’s worth of heath notes, so what am I saying.tumblr_nyc70xZowt1rkzntco1_1448397970_cover

(I’m just working up until I feel comfortable with a post on sans really, so ignore all this.)

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