Tuesday Rehearsal

slice-of-life_classroom-image-blackEvery Tuesday is the same. I go to school, go home, and then go to rehearsal. For some odd reason, this day was different. I began to leave for rehearsal cautiously pedaling my long board, watching the ground for any stumbles. The constant wind was very harsh and made me feel like I was doing nothing but going backwards. With my equipment in my hand, I picked up the longboard to cross the street, seeing that I’d just met an intersection. As I got to the other side I placed my longboard on the ground. Just as I started to pedal, a kind lady asked,”Are you going to the high school?”, as if she was offering me a ride. I, sadly, said no and she drove away. Moments passed and I finally arrived at South Creek and I prepared myself for what kind of rehearsal this could be. Based of off my previous experience, rehearsals aren’t usually chirpy because of the instuctors wanting to get things done. I thought to myself that maybe I could make it better.

I skated up to the doors of the cafeteria and I rolled right in. In stead of listening to the tiny voice in my head, that sounded like my mom when she tells me don’t ride in the house, I continued to skate though the cafeteria. As I finally met with the wall of the front half of the cafeteria, I brought myself to a hault. As I stepped down, I slipped forward and fell flat on my butt. I got up, feeling sharp pains, and told my captain what happened. As I explained my predicament, she chuckled and said,”You’ll be fine.” I walked away stiffly and cautiously.

As time passed the pain got even worse and all I could think about was having a good rehearsal. I began to push through and forget about it.My choreographer/instructor, Michael James,decided to go extra hard on us by making us repeat sets and whatnot. Little did he know that every step I took was more painfully than the last. He’d look at me funny sometimes, noticing that I wasn’t walking correctly but, I’d avoid eye contact.

Eventually, rehearsal was over and I had forgotten about the pain. The rehearsal went really well because I didn’t get called out. I realized that although I was in pain I could still focus on why I was actually there rather than something temporary.




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