Spring Break

2 more days till we are done with school, classes, homework, test, etc. A time just for you. Time you can use for whatever, where you’re free to be you. HERE ARE SOME TIPS FOR MAKING THIS A GREAT SPRING BREAK:

Use your time wisely as its only 7 days. 7 days later and before you know it. Spring break is over. So DO NOT sleep long hours everyday as that is a waste of your spring break. Not saying you should’t sleep longer than usual, just be careful not to sleep your whole vacation away. Another thing is to do things that you will not regret in the future even if it may seem fun. Think before you act.

Make sure your grades are good as report cards basically come out at the start of spring break, and this could make or break your vacation. You could end up  spending your whole vacation locked away in your room just doing some homework or some other punishment your parents give you. So remember good grades are the key.

Spend some time alone. Everyday you are constantly interacting someone else and it would be good to just take a break from this world. Take a deep breath and do something you enjoy by yourself whether it be reading or watching a movie.

Don’t forget to spend some of your time with your family

Play league of legends. If you do no have this game, then get it. This isn’t the best way to spend your time, but it is entertaining and if you have nothing else to do, play league. Also hook up with a bunch your friends and play making it more of a bonding experience.

Do assignments due early. It would be in your best interest to not procrastinate and just get it over with rather then stressing last minute. Although many of us as IB students fall into this trap, do not make it a habit. Procrastination could just ruin you and your grades. So whatever assignment given to you by your teachers, do it really early so you wont have to worry.

Plan ahead of time.It would be a good thing to have an idea of what you are going to do so you wont get caught up on one thing. This helps make your spring break last longer.


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