We started the day off strong. Everyone meeting in the band room to get ready to host an FFCC competition. We went to the volunteer table to check in and find our stations. We were then stopped by Mr.Cox who had yarn that was the color of periwinkle. Since someone in the Cypress Creek Band, Christopher, had his father pass away from esophageal cancer, we wore strips of yarn, with the color periwinkle, on our arms to support him.

We soon started to attend our stations and we began to work. Starting with the bake sale, I worked my way, organizing money and giving change back. Soon Ms. Perrucci, our color guard tech, asked me to go to concessions and that’s when it all began. Everything began to get frantic. People came with money and their hunger.  Every twist and turn gave more and more rush. We made a system with cash and food which made things easier. Soon the rush went away. Every once in a while there was a rush again but the waves went down.

Soon 4 p.m. came and it was time for hair and makeup. All of the color guard went to the band room and finished everything up.

At 6 p.m. we started our outside warm up and the nerves began to kick in. Everyone began to get anxious about performing our show and we all exploded. Things were shaky.

Luckily, we began to pull it together. As inside warm up began, everything started clicking in and we started breathing easier.

We then got ready to perform and we saw our band director. Catching his appearance made us even calmer. We began to do our circle/starburst tradition and the we lined up to perform.

As told by instructors,  the Freedom competition was always the worst performance for Cypress Creek. We went in thinking about changing that.


We finally began our performance and when we got of the floor everyone felt swell. We then walked outside to meet our instructors. They were so happy and told us that we broke the curse. Delighted, we walked back inside and waited for scores.

70.20. That was our score. In third place, we finally broke the score of 70. All of us were excited so we hugged in our little group circle, after retreat.

We set a big moment for ourselves and from that day we’ve only accepted more.








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