Time is endless and continues to go along all the time. You cant pause or repeat but just live with what has happened. Cherish the moments. One moment you may be 15 and the next 16. Today is my birthday and i feel no different but what i do notice is that time flies. Birthdays change as time goes by. It all starts in our childhood with bouncy houses and having a huge cake and inviting your whole first grade class and it turns to the future where you just hang out with a couple 5 friends and go out to the movies or a dinner. Some cultures celebrate birthdays in different ways. Last year i had a quinceanera and we had over 300 people; family and friends. Some other families celebrate sweet 16s.


Just two years ago I was finishing middle school, getting ready for the next four years of my life, in high school. I’ve noticed time has changed. We wait til the last minute to do assignments, to turn something in at the end of each quarter to receive full credit, or to fulfill the 150 points of ISP. The beginning of our high school journey has introduced us to the world of procrastination and at least TRYING to manage our time.

As spring comes, we just set the hour ahead this past Sunday. Yeah, it may have thrown people off, me included. We need to be more careful with our time. Taking things into consideration and seeing things as what ifs. Manage your time friends! The quarter ends Wednesday and we start a new one after spring break. Enjoy your spring break and stay safe, let me know what you guys do and if you’re going anywhere.



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