Pi Day!!!

The day had started great from the moment I opened my eyes. When I reached school, I was refreshed and relaxed. Nothing could ruin my mood. When I saw Mrs. Spillane writing the date on the board, my heart leaped with excitement. It had just occurred to me that it was pi day!

My whole day was really great and to top it all off, we got to eat pie in math class in celebration for pi day! We had three people bring in different pies. We got to share pi jokes and play pi games all day. It was a great day and I would definitely want to do it all over again. Anyways, I hope your pi day was as great as mine. And if not, here’s a pi joke to cheer you up: “What do you call a snake that likes math?… A pi-thon!” Haha I know it wasn’t that funny but it was definitely punny! Okay I’ll stop now. Happy Pi Day everyone!!!  


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