For The Audiophiles

Screenshot_2015-03-14-16-30-31[1].pngWhat you are seeing on the left is a screenshot on how I’ve set the equalizer on my music player. This is based on a post I found on iFunny.  I know that this may not be exactly be the same thing for iPhone users, but just try to match up the settings. I’d pull up the original post, but I still need to extract the old hard drive from the old computer.

I like using this setting. Audio quality through both my Skullcandy headphones and Skullcandy earphones were improved significantly. I like to mess around with some of the settings though. Sometimes I want to hear the melody, sometimes I want to emphasize the bass line.

Sorry if you guys were expecting another update to the PC Project. I’m keeping it under wraps until I deem any part of its development worthy of finally unveiling.

Besides, i’m busy right now and that next update is kinda huge.


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