Young Swift Lifestyle (This is Shehruz’s Post, he didn’t get his to work.)

Nothing special in particular happened today other than the fact I icey chilled. I woke up after going to sleep at 2 am from an intense League day/night. It was fun at first, except I we got rekt in a game where Darsh got yelled at for not eating his rice and ended up having to leave in the middle of a game. Darsh is a valuable player. Kevin on the other hand doesn’t have any clue what he’s doing. After brushing my teeth I discovered someone ate my cereal. Eating cereal is one of my favorite pastimes so I was quite upset to discover I could no longer extract the nutrients from sugar covered chunks of carbohydrate. Eating cereal brings a serene atmosphere. The world seems to be in perfect unity. After I ate cereal I played League for a long time. League is very fun and you should join. I played some League but forgot about my Pre-Calculus assignments. Mrs Leeb assigned Khan Academy, but since it was created by my ancestors, I hacked into it and marked all of my assignments as completed. Unfortunately my father has access to the data base so I got in trouble and he told me I can’t play League of Legends anymore. I got mad so I stole his computer and ran away from my house. I didn’t know where to head. My ideal place of settlement would be Busan, South Korea, where I could pursue my professional League career and receive intense beast training from the almighty Samuel Dai.

I realized I didn’t have anywhere to go so I went back home and decided to carry on with something else. There are three things that bring pleasure to my life. 1. Cereal 2. League, but the one that brings the greatest ecstasy to my life is listening to Taylor Swift. It was all going well until I spilled milk on my computer. This all has to do with my lifestyle. Hardships will constantly bombard me, but I’ll keep going until I hit the ultimate level of beast mode.

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