The Name of the wind review

Don’t judge a book by its cover…. not for this book. The reason I read this book was for the cover and once I started reading I could not stop. The Name of the Wind is a mix of fantasy and magic intertwined with the struggles of the life we live in.

Kvothe, the main character, is recounting his life to a scribe such as in the Hobbit, but unlike the Hobbit in my opinion did not does not waste time to get to climax of the story. Kvothe goes back to his childhood where it all began where he grew to become a powerful and brave hero even if he believes that he does not deserve a title such as this.

I was very surprised by this book as it never left me wanting more from the story and I fell in love with all the characters, even the villains. Being a 676 page book tends to scare a lot of readers away, but I promise after reading this book, you are going to wish it was longer. That is what surprised me the most. I couldn’t believe it. This book became one of my favorite books, when before I read this book, I didn’t think I had one.Another thing I liked about this book is Kvothe is not special in any way and has no special abilities that made him the hero he became. He went through his fair share of troubles and pains that he grew from and learned to survive. When others said he couldn’t, he tried harder. When others said he wouldn’t, he made sure he did, and when others said never in a million years, he waited 2 milllion years.

So if you can buy the book, buy it today and today I say you will never regret it.

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