Can’t Deny

8:30 pm ET. Finally, been waiting to for this game for days as the fast pacing Thunder

, the best team in the NBA, goes against the old reliable Spurs in a battle to determine which is the better team. Although this is just a regular season game, it gives a preview of what we can expect from them if they were to face of in 7 games. For those who know nothing about basketball, the Thunder from Oklahoma City have two of the best players in the league, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, make them a very dominant team, while the Spurs have a more all round team with the more experience players, Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili combined with more new and youthful players such as Leonard, and Green. The Thunder are much better than the Spurs, though, and will win this game with their much faster pace game and there more dominant style of play.

I may be a bit biased in the outcome of this game, but it is not without vindication.I first began to like the Thunder around 2011, because my cousin introduced me to player named Russell Westbrook. If I were to become a basketball player, I would want to play like Russell Westbrook. He plays with no restraint no matter the opponent, and he is a dominant force on the offensive end.SO if you ever start to watch the NBA, have OKC has your favorite team.

slice bro

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