Burning Troubles


Worries, regrets, burdens, and pains that keep us from a calm mind and give us restless nights. We all have them…and that is okay. We are human, we hurt, we stress…and that is okay. But we also smile, laugh, care, and love.

Often, we tend to give focus to everything that is lacking in our lives. Shining light in what could have been and what will be, asking ourselves what went wrong or why something had to happen. Yet we take for granted the present and the little blessings of life that bring joy to our hearts. Our tendency to be so infiltrated with things out of our control and of undeserving attention makes us miss out on the wonders that have been gifted to us.

At times all we could wish is to turn our humanity off, give away those feelings of anger, jealousy, revenge, bitterness, lost, and regret. It would all disappear, we would be numb, indifference and neutrality overcoming us. However, such detachment of emotions would also take away that happiness, that ambition, that joy, and that spark of warmth that makes it all worth it.

There comes a point when it’s just best to let go and admit to yourself that no greater volume of battle and resistance to reality will change the past. Be confident in your journey through life. Most importantly, be grateful. Have gratitude for those around you, for the experiences that shape you, and for all your qualities that make you, you.

Yesterday, my friends and I decided to embrace this idea- letting go of the past, being grateful, and inviting peace into our lives. In a sheet of paper, we took time to write all of the things that we dwelled on and we felt uneasy about. Some of us folded the paper, some of us ripped it apart, and some of us crumbled it up- but we all decided to let go.

The night was full of stars and we sang in union. We had all created a bonfire and now all twelve of us stood around it contemplating the bright red and orange that came about. One by one, we dropped our papers into the fire. As the flames consumed the paper, we just gazed at them. Peace came to us and the serenity of our minds could be sensed. Our troubles were no longer, and all feelings of malice had burned.

There was a moment when we all smiled, we were grateful for each other and happy. We hugged each other tightly as the sky looked down on us.

We all came in that day with inconveniences and concerns, but left with an unperturbed heart and a still mind. We might all look at that night twenty-years from now, sitting around a new bonfire, and contemplating how much our lives has changed since then. Now, however, we will keep living the present, being thankful, and letting go of what can’t be changed.  After all, if we cry during those nights of no sun, our tears will keep us from seeing the beautiful stars up ahead.



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