League of Legends New Champion

I have a project in 1st period that I’ll probably be doing this on, so I figured I can probably knock out a post with it.

Anyway, there’s a new champion coming out. (If you don’t play league then don’t bother reading this, its not going to make any sense.) His name is Aurelion Sol, and older players might remember him as the hinted champion Ao Shin. He’s finally come out, though not in the way anyone could have expected. (I only joined this year, so I have no idea who Ao Shin was.)

He’s more or less a celestial dragon with the power to create and destroy the stars in the heavens. It’s not clear lore-wise why he is in the game, since he appears to be the size of planets and is somehow shrunken and stuck in Summoner’s Rift when summoned. The lore should update when he is released, which should be in a week or two.

He has been out for a few days on the beta server, and during this time, players have found some pretty interesting things about his kit. Most of his damage comes from his passive, which are constant starts orbiting around him as he flies ar
ound, dealing consistent damage to anyone. But the best part?


This will probably become the new golden standard of ganks, and anyone who plays should get used to the sight of a giant serpent dragon flying in with his little baby apocalypse primed and ready. He ignores collision with everything while flying, and his star will stun you when it explodes.

I fully plan on getting this champion, as he is awesome, and also happens to belong in Mid, which I main. He’ll be a ton of fun to play, and will probably be worth the 7800 IP. (Probably not but that’s fine.) He’s a giant dragon, what else could you want?

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