Double Entry!

Not kidding, this whole thing is being typed up while I wait for my parents at school. I’m the last one here. Save for one of the faculty.

So this entry will be both another update to the PC Project and a little bit of a thing about the Black Box Play that I ushered tonight.


First, the new DVD drive came! Luckily, it uses SATA data and power connectors and ports so I don’t have to worry about compatibility. The wire for the thing is blue so that I can tell which wires are connected to the hard drives and which one is connected to the DVD drive in advance. The thing can also write on CDs, so I have that capability. And no. No mixtapes from me….maybe…


Anyway, now that it’s the weekend, I can finally fix my problems and maybe even get the thing to work.


Second is the Emergency Exit play. Oh dear God it was amazing! Shout out to my friends Kevin and Nadlyne! You guys did an amazing job! Everyone involved did a fantastic job with it and I got to see it for free since I was an usher. Jeez, the tension created by all of the actors was so high, I could roll it up!

Again, amazing job to everyone involved with the production and you all deserve a (non-alcoholic) drink!


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