This photo represents how I think school should be, where everyone can live stress free and happy.


Hello to everyone reading this! This slice of life post is about my opinion on school.

School is somewhere to learn and practice new subjects. Then after each lesson taught there should be a quiz/test. After the whole school year there should be an exam to test what you learned throughout the course. That is why I think school was created.

Then it gets complicated and isnt as simple as before. Now we have AP , IB, and Honors classes. These classes are to help us prepare for college. But the problem is the students and teachers. Will students undertsand these subjects quickly? Will the teachers teach it properly and make sure everyone understands? No this isn’t the situation all the time. Students don’t pick up lessons so easily. A lesson will be harder than another. Teachers will not always teach properly and make sure eveyone understands the lesson.

The schools’ cirriculums today are not really teaching us. They prepare us for a final test. Teachers want to make sure all the kids know are what will be on the test. Nothing more should be taught other than that. Luckily I have been blessed with amazing teachers who do love what they do and teach above and beyond what is expected of them. Those same teahers made sure I was fully understanding the lesson if they noticed I was falling behind. If they saw I understood a lesson then they would give me extra problems to enhance my skills.

Unfortunately I have had some bad teachers too. Those teachers didn’t teach above and beyond. They made sure all we knew was what will be on the final test. Also the classes I had these teachers in, I was failing. It was because the teacher didnt care/love what they do and didnt want to help the students who fell Behind in the class.

Also students need to put in their effort too. Students need to get extra help or find other resources.

I think the school system could be better. With teachers who actually care about what they do and students who actually care about their grades, the school enviornment would be way better and less stressful.

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