My Food hunt!!

I am on a hunt to try different types of foods and cultures. I have been wanting to this for a while. Eating the same foods and doing the same things get boring after a while. So, then commences my food hunt. BUT WAIT! Are there any foods that you want to try? This hunt is a lifelong journey that i will be on. It is not a very specific journey by country or continent. I started trying new things and foods that I have never tasted before. This helps me break out of my comfort zone and try new exciting things!

My grandma and I went to this Korean restaurant one day. I was super duper excited because I had never had Korean food before. Little did I know, that before I ordered the food I would be obsessed with it. We ordered kimchi, bulgogi and Mul Naengmyun. The kimchi was in a form of a pancake. Kimchi has many vegetables with seasoning. I LOVED the pancake. It was so good. I reminded me of pizza, but not really. It was a better and healthier version in my opinion. The bulgogi was so good as well. It is barbequed meat that has been marinated. It reminded me of beef curry. It was really tasty!! The Mul Naengmyun is a cold soup that comes with ice in it. This personally I did not like, but i had never tried a soup that came with ice in it. Even though I did not like the soup, it was still fun to try new things and experience it. I loved trying Korean food. It was definitely a new experience for me. My grandma and I had a great time trying korean food. I would go eat some more kimchi pancakes again and again!

Here are some pictures of the food!



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