The Central Florida Fair

The fair is in town at the central Florida fairgrounds! Upon my visit last weekend at the fair,  I saw lots of things. I saw the colorful hues of vendors, trying to persuade customers into buying their goods, a multitude of food trucks selling a wide array of food, like roasted corn to fried Oreos. The variety of options just made me even more confused on what to eat. I played it safe with fried fish accompanied by a side of chips (fries) and lemonade. The rides flashed with neon lights and swung with great force. However my fear of fast motion rides and motion sickness gave me an excuse not to ride them.

One of my favorite parts of the fair was the mini zoo and the tiger show. Deep inside the zoo, intricately positioned was a collection of various animals. I saw the tranquil essence of a white llama, the spirited hops of a kangaroo, the playful nature of lemur, and a zebra. I also saw a yak, an animal I have never seen  in person before. On one occasion I observed the yak licking a young boys hand, which was a bit hysterical given that he only wanted to say hi to it. I was an amazing experience to see exotic animals like this as I would have never have seen them person otherwise. I also saw a tiger show where tigers performed tricks all on their own without supervision from their trainers. These massive 300+ pound animals left me in “oohs” and “awes”. I thought it was funny when one of the tiger started eying this 5-year old girl. Wherever she went the tiger followed, of course in the vicinity of his cage. I could not decide if the tiger looked like it had never seen such a sight or was just preying on the girl. In short it was very strange. When I later reflected on my experience and thought it would have been a greater joy to see these animals in their natural habitats than here in the urban center of central Florida. Nonetheless these animals were nice to see.

When I left the fairgrounds I left with lots of memories and a stomach full of food. I had a great experience overall and if I had another chance I would return.

Fried oreos


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tiger3The Yak

Kangaroo                                                              Zebra


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