How many of you played a first person shooter?

How many of you know of games like Call of Duty, Crysis, Counter Strike, Quake, etc.?

Well, do you wanna know who made the FPS genre what it is today?

That franchise is…



Behold the Father of all the FPS’s that are so popular today.  The story? “Here’s a pistol, there’s some demons on Mars, go get ’em.”

Yeah, iD (the original developers) had a “devil may care” attitude with the story, but did a hell of a job with the game.

This was the 1990’s. iD struck gold with this franchise, but their last game was in 2004. The license is now owned by Bethesda, who are famous for reviving the Fallout franchise and the creation of the Elder Scrolls series.

Come 2016…


(Source: Wikipedia)

The series has been revived! Simply titled “DOOM”, the new game comes out in May 13th of this year. Man, did it make the impression at E3 2015! Crowds cheered as the demo showed the gameplay being new, but still loyal to the franchise’s roots! Sure there was a minor controversy with it (I’ll get to that tomorrow), but public perception was a hearty “HELL YEAH!”

For myself, well….I’d be lying if I said that I’m not excited! This is a franchise that I deeply respect for what it did for me today and I can’t wait for the closed multiplayer beta.

Just wanted to put something fun out and it just so happened that the days the beta were just announced.

Again, I’ll get to that controversy in the next post.



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