Divergent book review

Divergent was overall a great book to read. At first, I had thought the book was similar to the book, The Giver, but as I read on it was different and became similar to the Hunger Games. I was surprised I enjoyed reading this book because I am not so much as inclined towards action-fantasy books. Although it was a very enchanting read—a book that is definitely difficult to put down, there were some flaws that I noticed in the book. At times the book had seemed too predictable. It was easy to anticipate the protagonist’s next move. There was not much left for my imagination.  It was quite clichéd. Of course, the very timid, selfless, strong-willed girl will fall in love with the strong, brave, mysterious, rule-breaker guy with no obvious tension. There bound to fall in love. Just like every other romance book.

Veronica Roth tried to create a utopian society that only became a dystopia, but aren’t dystopian societies supposed to be realistic of the future, something that may actually happen? Her world was a world that wasn’t very realistic of the future. I felt as if not much thought had been put in to create her fantasy world. It is not very likely that in the near or later future, America will be divided into 5 basic factions—factions of bland personalities. It definitely isn’t enough to run a country with the 5 traits. I felt as if there needed to be more depth in her dystopia to make it feel more realistic.

Over all, Divergent was a great, addictive, can’t-put-it down book with a great enticing story line but I feel as if it required some more thought put into the fantasy world.

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