PC Project Update 4

Note: If any of you saw me look more angry-ish, depressed, or just generally kinda ticked-off-looking, it’s because I stayed up until 1:30 AM due to work and building the computer and that caused me to have an all-day headache that I can only describe as bad as a hangover.



The keyboard and RAM came in today! Man…this is going by pretty fast. The keyboard is a BrovaPower Mechanical Keyboard with RGB light settings and each RAM chip is 8 GB, totaling up to 16 GB. More than enough for running almost any PC game. I say almost because there’s a possibility that if I load up Crysis or its 2 sequels, I may start to smell smoke. If I load up Star Citizen….well….I may need to have a fire extinguisher. (Not joking, this was a literal disclaimer/warning from the Star Citizen Alpha Test Dev team. I could seriously overload your computer that much. Hell, one dude reported that his computer DID CATCH ON FIRE. LOADING UP THE HANGAR.)


Just a bit of a look into the thing. The RAM chips are installed in this photo.


You may have noticed earlier that I said “mechanical keyboard”. You see, there’s actually 2 different types of keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are, as the name implies, mechanical, giving off a very satisfying clicking sound when pressed. I love this type. The other type, not counting touchscreen keyboards, was popularized by Apple. This is the “chiclet” type. Instead of using a mechanical keyboard, they use a rubber membrane underneath the buttons. Not as satisfying as the mechanical type. It’s also why I mostly despise the laptop keyboards we use in school. Not the ThinkPad ones though. They’re alright.


Almost there mates. Just need a mouse, monitor, and graphics card. (Hey, it’s my old gray Dell Inspiron laptop at the bottom of that pic! Ahh that was a good time….did you know those things were infamous for randomly blowing up?)


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