Pakistani Culture

One of my favorite topics to talk about is Pakistani culture. Majority of the population are considered Muslims in Pakistan and share the same culture. Although everyone has different views and beliefs when it comes to religious perspectives, the one thing we all enjoy is culture. Pakistani food is one of my favorite things to discuss so let me show you a sneak peak of some dishes that are very popular in Pakistan.



Samosas are my favorite to go snacks and are filled with meat, potatoes, or vegetables. It is very similar to empanadas but contain a different filling inside. The picture on the right is called Mango Lassi which is similar to a mango smoothie, but tastes sweeter. The last picture is known as pani puri which are little “bowls” filled with chick peas and sweet sauce known as chutney.

Continuing with the Pakistani culture, the highlight of this culture is the clothing. . Clothes can range from casual to formal and wedding wear. They are usually worn at family gatherings, special events including parties and weddings. Here are a few examples of Pakistani clothing:



Furthermore, many of you guys probably have heard about henna. Henna is a very huge part of our culture and is worn mostly on special events such as religious holidays and weddings. Henna is a temporary, two-week tattoo, that can be put on your hands as a design. There is no literal meaning behind it. Here are some examples of henna designs:


I hope you guys enjoyed exploring a little bit about Pakistani culture. It is one of my favorite things that I will always have a huge passion for. From food to clothing and to small traditions and dressing up for special holidays, I will always continue to enjoy each and every moment. Culture is one thing that I came to value the most because it helps unite all of us in multiple ways.



4 thoughts on “Pakistani Culture

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