Orl vs. Rsl

slice-of-life_classroom-image-black     Well that’s it the wait is over the weekend has finally come . The weekend that all Orlando City soccer fans have been waiting for. The ability to fill the bowl again. This Sunday March 6th 2016 is the date of the 2016 Major League Soccer season home opener. Kick off will begin at 2pm eastern standard time. There is a great anticipation towards this game specifically. The hopes are that the crowed would be as big as that of last year in the Inaugural game for our home side Orlando City.

The last time that Real Salt Lake and our Orlando City Lions faced off it was quiet a spectacle also because the last and only time they played each other was on last years Fourth of July. The ending score of this encounter was 1-1 tie at the end of 90 minutes. Also due to our star player Kaka  scoring a goal but also sadly receiving a red card . By that Orlando was disabled and was only able to play with 10 players. Hopefully this Sunday will be a different story to that of fourth of July 2015. Lets see this Sunday if our Orlando City Lions can come away with the win against Real Salt Lake.


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