My Thoughts

These are things I think about on Sundays , I guess, as Monday is coming up with awesome test and quizzes that I cant wait to take. Sunday being awesome day except when you think of what is to come which makes you regret thinking it. Here is a list of things you can think about to keep your mind of the horrid Monday approaching.

This one is probably my favorite so I will elaborate on it, but I will present 3 topics for those out there who enjoy thinking:

  1. Life…

Some say its stressful. Some say its wonderful. Some say its joyful. Others say its painful. My family says its purposeful. My friends say its crazy. My generation says its legendary. My elders say its worthwhile. My future says its hopeful. My past says its embarrassing. Life….

I say, its stressful, wonderful, joyful, painful, purposeful, crazy, legendary, worthwhile, hopeful, embarrassing, and much, much more more. Life can be great and wonderful, but how would you know what happiness is without sadness. What if sadness was there to appreciate being happy that much more. What if everything bad that could occur in this life was there to value the good in this life and to never take advantage of that feeling as in an instant it could all be gone.

IF happiness were to be never ending, would you truly be happy.

2. Spending time with people who bring joy in your life

Just think of the plans coming up with your friends and family and if you have nothing planned, make something. Whether it be playing basketball, which is of the greatest sport ever created, or just talking, just enjoy what you do and you will be happy.                                   DON’T BE A LONER……. least you could do is play League of Legends, another great game, with strangers.

3) Sleeping

Sleeping always gets rid of that dreadful feeling of Monday and has me dreaming of mountains where I fly faster than the speed of light and venture farther than buzz lightyear. Sleeping keeps me calm, peaceful, and rejuvenated to face the large Monday ahead of me. Just think of the benefits of sleeping and how you slip away from life even if for just a second sometimes you wish you could life were a dream.


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