Fight Night

If you’ve ever been a part of a team, then you know the feeling I’m talking about. Whether it’s in the locker room before you see your opponents, or after warm-up and your sizing each other up, it’s that competitive drive. I usually feel my stomach tighten up, but is this confidence, or is this anxiety?


Anxiety is a huge problem in this generation. Its something that either makes or breaks you as a great athlete. Those who compete under extreme stress will find it harder to improve or beat any opponents. The lack of confidence in yourself is what defeats you, not even the opposition. However, it not only rips apart individuals, but believe it or not, it’s also a huge reason why sports teams may not be successful. Without confident leaders/captains, our generation is okay with being mediocre, and becoming anything other than that is scary.

How can we combat this?

Well the problem is, this lack of confidence is built into our society. In high school,
freshmen are seeing how the seniors act and wishing to be like them. At home, younger siblings look to their older siblings, wanting to follow in their footsteps.This is unfortunate though because this is where they are led astray. How can a new plant grow in old soil? The world should not be monkey-see monkey-do.You must pave your own path. To be great, you have to strive for greatness within yourself.

How does this have anything to do with sports?

You must come out as a strong unit ready to dominate in any situation. Being a confident team gives a type of swag that nobody wants to mess with. They know that you’re there to fight whether you win or lose. Be a little cocky, but don’t get a big head. Just come to your fight night, whether its football, soccer, lacrosse, and be ready to do just that, fight.


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