Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you something called confidence. Ever heard of it? Maybe. Maybe not. But confidence…..It’s not something you don’t have. Deep down, all of us have it. We just need the right steps to unlock that chest of yours that holds all of it. Unlock your full potential. According to the Merriam- Webster, confidence “is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something”. In simple man terms, you can say that is the definition. But let’s dive a little deeper shall we?slice-of-life_classroom-image-black

What is confidence?           

        Confidence is something that all of us possess. It can help with all aspects of life. Is it a material? Can you hold it and touch it? No, not exactly. It comes in many forms however. It shows up right before a test. Maybe it’s lurking before you say “hi” to that spicy señorita in your second period. Maybe it’s there right before something as simple as ordering your next meal. But unlike something like athleticism or smarts, it stays with you in all areas, so it doesn’t just help you in sports or school, respectively.

Can I earn this “confidence” you speak off? 

        Sure thing. If you have the right resources however. Everywhere you look, be it on the Internet or through spoken word of mouth, there is a lot of…..noise. This noise that speaks of our very same subject and gives you these procedures that claim to give you this super magical power. “Climb Mount Everest backwards and speak to this man named “Shawn” and you will be granted one wish for you will use on obtaining confidence,” However, look no further because I am going to throw my penny into this fountain of coins and give my advice. Are you taking notes? Well get to it then! Sure enough, there is advice that can be used to earn yourself some confidence. You get it within yourself and must be used for good. First, learn to better yourself and those communication skills you may or may not have. It’s okay if you only have a few friends. Start off slow, and make yourself someone who everyone thinks to themselves: Hey Jack just knows everyone doesn’t he?  Doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy…..confidence doesn’t bite. Practice. Practice believing in yourself. You can do this! And most importantly of all, learn to accept failure. Don’t be overly happy when it happens, but know to accept it and use it on your journey when trying to achieve your goal. People’s opinion are not reviews of you, but use it as steps to better yourself. Use them to climb to the top. Speaking of the top, never ever abuse it. Don’t let it control you and consume you. Confidence is a gift. If you misuse it, as in become cocky or arrogant, then confidence is used for bad. Always remember- if it feels wrong, it is.

When can I get started? 

        Whenever you are ready. Have you ever been at a gathering or party and someone walks in, and the whole room seems to just freeze, everyone is thinking: Wow I want to be that person and you are just standing at the snack section stuffing yourself with deviled eggs? Oh yes. Guess what? Confidence is what makes that image up. So take these words of advice and spread them along to other disciples. So you can be that person everyone wishes that could be at that party. In the words of Aaron Marino from Alpha M. : “Confidence is key.”


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